As a result of the pandemic, many companies have changed their working habits, with telecommuting taking centre stage. According to information obtained thanks to the report on the security of remote employees in 2021 by Bitglass, 57% of companies have more than three quarters of their teams working remotely, thus, giving more relevance to the tools needed to facilitate teleworking. Security professionals’ comment on the need to require an IT ecosystem that is cloud-centric, with 71% agreeing that they would abandon local devices and tools and introduce remote working.

Even with various controls in place to facilitate their protection when telecommuting, a large number of companies still face challenges in adapting to the modern enterprise. For example, bandwidth constraints, which have huge implications for the scalability of security solutions, are cited as the main barrier to securing remote work by 41%. Largely caused by this problem, 55% of companies have also experienced difficulties when making use of VPNs.

Bitglass CTO Anurag Kahol comments, «Enabling a modern workforce requires more flexible IT ecosystems and demands greater reliance on the cloud, as well as cloud security tools.» «The new post-COVID-19 workplace landscape will necessitate a mixed IT and security environment, as users will work both on- and off-premises. Cloud adoption is critical to make this possible and should happen sooner rather than later.»

Cybersecurity issues

90% of companies say they are very certain to maintain current high levels of remote working in the future mainly due to the benefits it generates in business productivity. 53% of companies state that they are analysing the possibility of making some positions permanently remote once the covid-19 crisis is over. Even a year into this teleworking system, many companies still feel overwhelmed and not very capable of protecting off-site users.

This system has a number of concerns such as data leakage through endpoints (68%), connecting users to unmanaged devices (59%) and access from outside the perimeter (56%). In addition to the aforementioned existing concerns, there is also compliance (45%), remote access to key business applications (42%) and loss of visibility into user activity (42%).

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Source: El Periódico

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