1 year of Cloud services for free! **


Are you a company or self-employed in Bizkaia with less than 5 years of activity? You have the opportunity to access HodeiCloud services free of charge for one year. We tell you how…


Through the program: aid to entrepreneurs of CEBEK Emprende and Obra Social La Caixa. Do you want to know more? Contact us without obligation by email or phone and we will inform you: info@hodeicloud.com– 946 94 99 51 or 688 60 43 63.

Send us your free cloud application: https://ihodei.com/demo-hodeicloud/

CEBEK Emprende, a meeting place in Bizkaia for more than 200 recently created companies, joins forces once again with the “Obra Social La Caixa», to help give a small boost to their businesses.

The calls for the annual grants of the “Obra Social La Caixa” are already open for pre-registration. As in previous editions, the service will be provided by other companies of «CEBEK Emprende» specialized in the field.

The services are 100% financed by “Obra Social La Caixa» to contribute to the competitiveness of entrepreneurs who have just started their activity and/or have been «running» for less than 5 years.

HodeiCloud Service Pack offered by HodeiCloud through this program:

Technology leasing at a reduced monthly cost, which facilitates teleworking and increases cybersecurity.

Product features included in the pack:

  • Cloud server, to share data, folders and applications with other users. Use digital certificates in a secure environment.
  • Windows license.
  • Cloud Desktop for each user with MS Office License.
  • Secure access from any device (PC/Mac, Tablet, phone).

Service features included in the pack:

  • Maintenance service and updates.
  • Updated Antivirus and firewall service.
  • Automatic daily backup service.
  • Fast data and system restore service.
  • SAT (Technical Support Service) available via WhatsApp, Phone or email.

Type of Solution and Duration of contract at no cost:

-Server 1 to 2 users (10GB RAM and 80GB storage) 12 months.

-Server from 1 to 4 users (20GB RAM and 200GB storage) 6 months.

More about CEBEK Emprende:

The CEBEK Emprende initiative is committed to the consolidation and growth of newly created companies in Bizkaia and seeks to offer them a space where they can periodically share experiences and have access to knowledge, both online and offline. It also offers the same services, information and resources in training or advice that any other company associated with CEBEK can enjoy through a single window.

CEBEK wants to be close to these entrepreneurs at this stage of their career so that they become part of our organization. We intend to provide them with an appropriate service at this early stage so that they can later become part of this business organization, which has been working for more than 100 years, defending the interests of companies in Bizkaia. CEBEK, among other multiple activities, carries out functions of Institutional Representation, transmits knowledge of business interest, carries out Collective Bargaining as well as develops projects of diverse nature that promote the competitiveness of the companies of Biscay.

CEBEK Emprende organizes periodical meetings of this Entrepreneurs’ Forum dedicated to different matters of specific interest for entrepreneurs, whether they are first-time or consolidated. In addition, a virtual space will be presented through this Blog.

In order to create a continuous learning in the field of business management, this Blog will facilitate listening to advice from entrepreneurs with extensive experience, who will explain their own experiences in various areas (Keys to Success). Also, the participants of CEBEK Emprende will have a section to tell their experiences and thus have a deserved share of voice in the Blog (In first person).

** Promotion subject to conditions.

See details of acceptance of the campaign CEBEK Emprende and La Caixa.

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