Due to the progress in communications and digital solutions, server virtualization is becoming a very beneficial resource.

Server virtualization is a way to take advantage of the full potential of a computer installed on the premises, or to transfer it to another location without suffering any inconvenience.

Generally, most existing servers are underutilized, with about 15 percent of their performance potential untapped.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of virtualizing a company’s servers:


  1. Cost reduction.

Savings is one of the strengths of server virtualization. By taking full advantage of them, it is not necessary to invest in new equipment or keep unused equipment on. Energy consumption is therefore reduced.

In addition, fewer servers mean savings in maintenance, both in time and money.

Also, when we decide to virtualize, the hardware reduction is 22% and, more importantly, the annual cost savings can be up to 23%, depending on the configuration.


  1. Improved security

A virtual server can be easily scheduled for regular backups and stored remotely. In case of failure, recovery is much faster and more accessible.


  1. Possibility to create a test environment

Since a server space can be segmented to operate independently, it gives us the opportunity to develop a test environment. This environment can be developed without the need to deploy an external server and without the danger of a failure affecting the other servers.

For example, applications can be installed and all the necessary processes can be executed before they are moved to the working environment. This minimizes errors and the time it would take to fix them if they were done directly.


  1. Increases work performance

With staff working from home or on the road, server virtualization allows access to the information needed to work remotely. Virtualization software makes it possible to do this regardless of the system being used. This greatly improves the performance of workers as they can work from anywhere.


  1. Ease of relocating the entire environment without paralyzing tasks

Server virtualization makes it possible to perform a hot migration. That is, you can move all the data from one or more servers to another site without hardly noticing the change. It even makes it possible to outsource the service and work from the cloud. A change that more and more companies are carrying out both for security and efficiency. All that is needed is to have a service provider that guarantees the operation of everything and takes immediate charge of any incident that may arise.

For these reasons, as well as for some others, server virtualization is an almost obligatory step for any company that wants to properly manage all its data.


Source: https://www.universidadviu.com/es/actualidad/nuestros-expertos/que-ventajas-ofrece-la-virtualizacion-de-servidores




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