A fortnight ago we received a visit from Javier Diéguez and Raquel Ballesteros, from the Basque Cybersecurity Centre. They wanted to get to know HodeiCloud: what the company does, what are its objectives, in what environment it works… Here we will briefly explain the highlights of HodeiCloud, which were presented to the two members of the Basque Cybersecurity Centre.

Firstly, it should be noted that HodeiCloud is one of the few companies in our ecosystem that focuses on providing cybersecurity services to freelancers and SMEs. There are several multinational brands that offer their services in this area, but they are aimed more at large companies. That is why the product offered by HodeiCloud adapts to the needs of smaller companies, while also adapting to their budget.

HodeiCloud’s product consists of a comprehensive virtual desktop in the cloud called iHodei, which has been developed through Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence technology. This remote desktop allows companies to keep their local servers and in this way they can access from anywhere at any time to all programs, ERP, CRM, databases… and also from any device.

Given that most SMEs and freelancers do not have an IT department, HodeiCloud focuses on responding to their cybersecurity and teleworking problems. To make this possible, HodeiCloud designs a plan that is 100% adapted to the needs and characteristics of the companies. The ultimate goal is always that companies are not paralysed by theft, virus or hacking, but that they are protected at all times and do not have any security breach.

HodeiCloud is equipped with the best software, and also uses virtualisation techniques to increase the cybersecurity of its clients. All contingency plans are designed exclusively for each client, which is why they are highly effective and efficient. A monthly fee covers the technological renting of the product, thus eliminating the cost of hiring maintenance technicians. Apart from this, as a last novelty, HodeiCloud helps to implement invoicing programmes compatible with the Ticket-bai, as part of the digitalisation process of the self-employed and SMEs.

If you are self-employed or an SME, take your business to the cloud and avoid stress 🌥️

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