Digitalisation makes organisations more dynamic and efficient, but they need a trusted technological partner to accompany them in their digital transformation processes.

With 25 years of experience in the technology sector, the founders of HodeiCloud SL are specialists in Cloud Computing solutions and ICT infrastructure. In 2019 they launched the first HodeiCloud platform in Bizkaia and it’s one of the leading technology and innovation companies in the Basque Country. Its aim is to drive digital transformation and help companies to achieve all the benefits of the cloud. The cloud has many other implicit benefits: it makes organisations more competitive and boosts their capacity for innovation.

Regardless of the size and technical requirements or the experience of their own team, any company can find in HodeiCloud the solution they need to make their projects a reality: from simple proposals for internet presence, storage or backup to the most complex cloud services, including migrations to the cloud, teleworking projects, email hosting, design of customised architectures, managed security or digitalisation deployments on a highly available and cybersecure cloud infrastructure.

HodeiCloud guarantees that any company can develop its projects without having to invest in infrastructure or manage its own data centre. To this end, they have a platform that allows their clients to install and manage, in a matter of minutes, the resources needed to build virtual data centres. A flexible and scalable solution that allows you to add, remove, configure, manage or clone servers and services according to the needs of each moment.

All this in a pure pay-per-use model that helps companies optimise their investments and guarantees specific savings in infrastructure and software. In addition, the cloud brings many other benefits. It makes organisations more competitive and boosts their capacity for innovation. It also facilitates, for example, employee mobility, their ability to collaborate and user experience, as well as end-customer response times, helping to maintain loyal and satisfied customers over the long term. In short, it makes them more profitable and improves their bottom line.


Commitment to your customers is one of the company’s core values. Many companies need qualified personnel and advice in order to make their technological projects a reality. HodeiCloud is a close and flexible organisation and they get involved to the maximum in those challenges that their clients present us with. The ability to offer a personalised service tailored to their needs is what sets them apart from their competitors. Their clients’ projects are unique and so is each of HodeiCloud’s proposals. The company is in a process of national expansion, and in the last year has opened offices in Murcia.

Support is another of HodeiCloud’s great strengths and it is one of the most valued in the ICT sector. It includes service level agreements where assistance is tailored to the needs of each client and, if necessary, a team of professionals with exclusive dedication to their projects is made available.


HodeiCloud is constantly investing and researching in innovation, making the latest market solutions available to their clients’ projects and guaranteeing their technological evolution and that of their own platform. So that access to their solutions is easy and simple and companies can focus on their business.

Among the most advanced ICT infrastructures is HodeiCloud’s main Data Centre. These facilities meet the highest standards in terms of physical and logical security measures and guarantee their customers data privacy and regulatory compliance, as well as the performance, scalability and total flexibility their projects require. In addition, the data centre makes an important commitment to the use of energy from renewable sources. They care about the environment. Sustainability is a key component of their strategy and they want to fulfil their responsibility to contribute to a better tomorrow.

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