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iHodei is the telecommuting solution of HodeiCloud, we have a team with more than 15 years of experience in technologic services to companies.

Access to all of your work tools

HodeiCloud SL offers you the iHodei tool. With this you can access your work place in every moment and place. Wherever you are.

Access to all of your office programs, emails, ERP, CRM, databases, OS…

Avoid stresses and inconvenient movement

With HodeiCloud you can attend any emergency in any device. With a click you can access to your work place from your smartphone or tablet.

Accessible to any business

In HodeiCloud we’ve created a tool that lets any business, small & medium company and freelancers to access to a service that only only available to big companies.

HodeiCloud migrates on the cloud all the system and programs your business uses to access them anytime.

Save money and increase the productivity

A tested technology, with cloud storage, will save you money and problems. This allows you staying always ready for any trouble. What are you waiting for?

What are the differences between iHodei and a Virtual Desktop?

While other applications let you connect remotely from one device to another, HodeiCloud is a solution that allows you transfer all of your work place to the cloud, from anywhere and any device with only a click.



Access to your work place from any place of the world, beach or mountain.


You’ll have access to every content, certificied and applications. Remember that it’s your PC.


You don’t need to shut down the PC of your home or business.

Remote Apps


Limited to having to leave your office computer on.


Limited to documents and email in most cases. Remember, that is NOT Telecommuting.


It does not allow connectivity if the computer you must access is turned off.

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What must a telework solution have to be truly effective?

Make a virtue out of necessity and see for yourself the benefits of cloud computing. Your company’s workstations can be anywhere in the world and available at any time. Once you try it, you won’t be able to work any other way.



It must ensure that 100% of the tasks that can be performed from the usual workstation can be performed from any location.


It must allow access to the content needed to perform the tasks from any device (PC, Tablet or cell phone).


It should solve forever the tedious task of making backups and that there is always one available in case of any contingency.


It must be able to be implemented quickly and in a way that is absolutely «transparent» to the company’s day-to-day business.


It must be much more economical than paying for the equipment the company would need to implement it on its own.

"Teleworking is safe, cost-effective and significantly increases productivity"

Javier Asís. CEO HodeiCloud

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