Virtual Desktops


HodeiCloud develops a customizable virtual desktop for each user based on cloud computing technology, artificial intelligence and a high level of cybersecurity.

1. Platform Cloud Computing:

1.Migration and storage of company data:

Data from the user’s local server to the cloud will be migrated using three different ways:

  • Via array-based software: this option will prove to be the most suitable for moving data between similar systems.
  • By means of host-based software: this will be used when the customer needs a migration of a specific application, i.e. a copy of files, an update on the platform, etc. 
  • Through the use of network devices: this option will be useful when the user requires the migration of large volumes, files or blocks of data.

2.Virtual desktop with all your tools and information:

The desktop contains all the office software, email, ERP, CRM, databases and operating systems needed by each user.

3.Periodic backups:

Backup system that ensures minimal loss of information in case of cyber-attack in addition to backup copies of the entire computer.

2.Cybersecurity system

1.Authentication system

  • User and password
  • Validation and filtering of IP addresses: The technique used by HODEICLOUD for the IP validation system is port knocking. Port knocking is a mechanism that allows opening ports through a predefined series of connection attempts to ports that are closed.
  • Geolocation of IP addresses: iHodei has developed its own software that allows the geolocation process to be carried out automatically. To this end, a set of valid locations will be established for each user, and if the location associated with the IP address does not match, the connection will be denied.

2.Artificial intelligence to analyze user behavior:

This system aims to monitor user behavior (behavioral analytics) in order to increase cybersecurity levels by detecting insider threats and possible hackers who have registered as users.


3.Document management service:

Hodeicloud allows the automatic management and digitization of different documents with the objective of having them automatically processed, obtaining greater efficiency and time management.

Product features

Cloud server, to share data, folders, applications with other users.

Windows license.

Cloud Desktop for each user with MS Office License.

Secure access from any device (PC/Mac, Tablet, phone).

Service features

Maintenance service and updates

Updated Antivirus and firewall service

Automatic daily backup service

Fast system and data restore service

What is the difference between iHodei and a remote desktop?

While other applications allow you to remotely connect one device to another, iHodei is a solution that allows you to migrate your entire workspace to the cloud, allowing you to access it from anywhere and any device with a single click.


Access your workstation from any device, anywhere.

You will have access to absolutely all content, certificates and applications.

Remember, it’s your PC.

No need to leave your home or office computer on, just turn it off and let’s go!


Remote applications

Limited to having to leave your office computer on.

Limited to documents and e-mail in most cases.

Remember! that is NOT Telework.

It does not allow connectivity if the computer you need to access is turned off.

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